A Youth Fellowship for the Soul

January 18,2020 was just an ordinary Saturday but the lessons, insights, and  reflections we've had were extra-ordinary.

         Although a wedding celebration was held on the same date, 12 young people prioritized the youth fellowship. They all came to listen and study God’s Word. We did a lot of activities  to create a happy atmosphere and establish God's work  in the hearts of these young people.

                    Another surprising revelation during the fellowship is Efren, our youth layman. His lecture was excellently explained and his points were well-supported with bible references. 

                   What really surprised me and touched me most was when we had an activity where each young people chooses an object to represent himself or herself. Each time one explains why he or she picked the thing to represent himself or herself, each couldn't help but shed a tear. They cried and expressed the pains, sufferings, and challenges they met at such a young age. Most adults watching them were stunned for they never thought that these kids have emotional pains too. However, after the activity we had to process it and gave advice to assure the youth that we are always ready to help them .

                       The youth enjoyed the activity and suggested us to hold a youth fellowship once a month. We'll have another one on February 10,2020.

                               I want to thank the people who supported me in this occasion. Sis Laleng Apostol of San Diego California who is always there giving support and prayers. My ninang Madam Connie Sueno who never left me despite the pains and insults I received when I decided to be independent. Grandma Mokging Puclis who sacrificed her time cooking and who opened her house for me every time I need to sleep in the mountains.

The youth is the hope of every nation. May they be molded to follow Christ and be His disciples. The future shines bright despite all the troubles because God is always with us in all seasons.