Raise the Roof

Raise the Roof

After days of waiting; we figured out that professional welders' service is a necessity. Members admitted that the help they can contribute are limited. Fortunately, I got acquainted with my new neighbors in the city who are professional welders.  We planned to visit the place to do some assessment. I told them that the best time to travel was on Sunday so I can have a free ride going to the mountain but of course I contributed some money for the gasoline. Below are pictures of my new neighborhood.

We traveled at 7:00 am and arrived at around 9. The children were already waiting for their Sunday school.

We had a good time travelling knowing one another and I also took the opportunity to teach about Jesus. Dodoy, their leader, surveyed the place and estimated that the labor cost for the roof welding is 1200 dollars (60,000 pesos). I tried my best to bargain and lower the price but that is the lowest cost they can give. If we include the costs of the steel doors and win…

Minnesota Prairieview Winter

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Slept in the country side, Evangelist house

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